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  • Collection items include: ballots, bric-a-brac (larger three-dimensional objects), broadsides, buttons, cartoons, maps and charts, pamphlets, paper miscellaneous, parade items, posters, prints, ribbons, sheet music, songbooks, textiles, trinkets, and wearing apparel.

    In addition to the Douglas collection, Cornell University Library is conserving, digitizing, and cataloging approximately 1500 other similar items covering Presidential campaigns from 1960 to 1972.  These items are found in a dozen other collections in the Cornell Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, including the 1960-1966 public relations records of the Republican National Committee. We have also preserved, cataloged, and digitized 393 additional pieces of campaign literature dating from 1800 to 1964 found the Rare Books collection. We intend to digitize all Presidential campaign items in Cornell collections to the extent that current technologies allow.