A biodiversity survey of freshwater and brackish-water fishes of central West Africa: Cameroon, Gabon, and Congo CALS Impact Statement uri icon


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    Drs. Melanie Stiassny, Carl D. Hopkins, and Guy Teugels have completed manuscripts on a 10-year project to survey, catalog, and describe the freshwater and brackish-water fishes of central West Africa.


    Freshwater fishes are extremely important indicators of the quality of ecosystems, yet they are poorly known from Central Africa. Ours will be the first survey done since the one completed by Georges Boulenger in 1909. As such, this effort will be important to ichthyologists interested in an up-to-date, systematic survey of the freshwater fishes of Africa.


    The survey will be a handbook for species identification, a field guide, and a resource for naturalists, conservation biologists, and ichthyologists both in Central Africa and throughout the world.

    For each group of freshwater fishes, a world expert has contributed state-of-the-art knowledge based on the current literature and upon collections made over a 10-year period. Over 40 authors have contributed more than 50 chapters to this multi-authored volume, which will be published in French and in English.


    We have created a manuscript that will be used by ichthyologists around the world.

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