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  • The Biostatistics and Research Methodology Core has a proven track record in attracting funding for Weill Cornell laboratories. The inclusion of the core in a number of successful grant applications provides needed expertise to implement and conduct research projects in a cost effective manner. The existence of the Core not only strengthens grant proposals, increasing the likelihood of being funded, but also offers our investigators an alternative to using outside consultants.


    Sophisticated computational resources are available to researchers including powerful hardware and advanced software technology. A state-of-the-art, high speed research workstation located on-site is linked to the departmental server and statistical software. Members of the Department of Public Health with expertise in a range of research methodology are available to investigators for consultation.


    The core provides biostatistical services and methodological advice. Such consultative services include:

    • Statistical analysis
    • Sample size and power analysis
    • Study design
    • Protocol design/research planning
    • Database design and management
    • Questionnaire development
    • Cost-effectiveness analysis
    • Program evaluation