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  • Often I am asked what was unexpected about my experience.?And the answer to that is you know, I could talk all day about what I have learned.?But really the big things for a researcher like myself that I have learned are that it takes more time than I even dreamed of to put this together.?You know I thought maybe I would devote 20 percent of my time to it.?It's been a lot more than that.?I can't really put a finger on it because it is almost constant thinking about it, getting it involved.?It's at least 5,000 hours so far put into this venture.?So that is a huge time drain.?So don't undertake this is you are not willing to risk just about everything, including your potentially your marriage.?It's a big deal.?A lot of time.?And you need to be committed to get this done.?I found out that early on that scientists are essentially not well respected by the business community, and that I need to prove myself that I was valuable and that I actually had a business mind.?I think I have proven that now, but initially, maybe due to my age, there was a lot skepticism.?But I think scientists in general get a bad rep, and there has been a precedent for scientists basically getting screwed out of what I think they deserve in starting up companies.