Hotchkiss, Joseph H

Cornell Emeritus Professor


JOSEPH H. HOTCHKISS Joseph H. Hotchkiss is a Professor in the Food Science Department and in the Institute of Food Science at Cornell University where he teaches and directs an active research program in food packaging, safety and quality. He has organized symposia, taught short courses, edited books, has contributed several book chapters on food packaging and safety and published over 350 scientific articles. He is the coauthor of the text Food Science with Professor Norman Potter. His current research involves the development of new active packaging concepts and materials to enhance food quality and safety. He is particularly interested using bioactive compounds and nanotechnology to improve foods. He is also interested in the use and safety of foods and food ingredients and the occurrence of toxicants and antitoxicants in foods. Prior to joining Cornell, Dr. Hotchkiss was a Public Health Service Research Fellow in the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition at the US Food and Drug Administration where he conducted research on indirect food additives. Dr. Hotchkiss is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists and has served on several committees and executive boards the Institute and is currently an advisor to the Culinary Institute of America and International Life Sciences Institute. Dr. Hotchkiss is a former member of the Food Chemicals Codex Committee of the National Academy of Sciences and the WHO/FAO Joint Committee of Experts on Food Additives (JECFA). He recently served on FDA`s National Food Advisory Committee. Dr. Hotchkiss is a frequent international lecturer. He is a scientific advisor to the International Institue of Life Science and the Culinary Institue of America.

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