Division of Cardiology (The Maurice R. and Corinne P. Greenberg Division of Cardiology) Clinical Section uri icon

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  • The division has recently undergone major advancements in new programs, facilities, and faculty recruitment. New recruits are currently developing programs in the areas of Cardiac MRI, Vascular Medicine and Heart Failure. It continues to offer top-notch clinical services in its laboratories, including Cardiac Catheterization, Adult Echocardiography, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Nuclear Cardiology, and Cardiac Graphics. Expansion of research continues to grow dramatically. The division also offers outstanding educational opportunities and a variety of fellowship training programs.

    Programs and Research Activities

    • Adult Echocardiography Laboratory
    • Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
    • Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory
    • Cardiac Graphics Laboratory
    • Clinical Cardiology Service
    • Nuclear Cardiology Laboratory


    Basic Research and Molecular Cardiology

    • Cardiovascular Genetics and Development
    • Vascular Biology
    • Gene Therepy
    • Cellular Electrophysiology
    • Arrhythmia Dynamics
    • Signal Transduction