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subject description and guidelines

  • The Libraries seek to support research, instruction, and outreach in the area of nutritional sciences.  Cornell's Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) is among the largest academic units in the United States concentrating on human nutrition. The DNS missions and scholarly activities integrate knowledge from the physical, biological and social sciences in the areas of molecular, human, international and community nutrition. The focus of the division's research, teaching and outreach is exclusively on human nutrition; work in animal nutrition takes place in the department of Animal Sciences and work in plant nutrition in the section of Plant Biology. The division is affiliated with both the College of Human Ecology and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


  • The collection is used by faculty, staff and students of the Division of Nutritional Sciences. Other constituencies include a variety of disciplines such as Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Food Science, Anthropology, Sociology, Physiology and Molecular Biology and Genetics. The associated Graduate Field of Nutrition encompasses all aspects of nutritional research on Cornell's Ithaca campus. Nutritional Sciences is also an undergraduate major. The undergraduate major Human Biology, Health and Society also uses this collection.