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subject description and guidelines

  • This collection focuses on material pertaining to all periods of science and technology, from the ancient world to the present. Particular emphasis is placed on the history of the physical sciences, the philosophy of science, the relationship between science and technology and society and the social science and history of medicine. All major periodicals are collected. Biographies of scientists, as well as personal papers and memoirs are included. Reprints of early scientific and technical works are also collected. Materials collected are for the general circulating stacks, rare materials are collected by the History of Science Collection in Kroch Library. The history of agriculture is collected in Mann Library, the history of mathematics is collected in the Math Library. Other materials are complemented by the Area, Asia, Jewish Studies, Physical Sciences, and Women’s Studies collections.

    The clientele for the Science and Technology Studies collection are the Department of Science and Technology Studies ( and related programs in history, philosophy, sociology, and politics of science and technology in the Engineering College, the Agriculture College, the Arts College, and the College of Human Ecology.