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subject description and guidelines

  • The Libraries seek to support research, instruction and extension outreach in the plant sciences. Many researchers and student read outside their fields and the library collects broadly in the general plant science disciplines and deeply in specialized areas. The library broadly collects information on taxonomy, biochemistry, biomechanics, cell biology, molecular genetics, paleobotany, vegetative growth and development, reproductive development, plant metabolism; plant physiology, root growth, soils and plant nutrition, evolution of cultivated plants, breeding for resistance to diseases, insects and stress.


  • The major departments associated with the plant sciences are located on the Geneva and Ithaca campuses and include Crops and Soil Sciences, Horticulture, Plant Biology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, and Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology.  Many plant sciences concentrations are multi-departmental programs administered by faculty in the departments. Students in the program share a common interest in topics associated with plant growth and development in the broadest sense, but their individual interests and career goals vary widely.