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subject description and guidelines

  • The collection closely mirrors the focus of the Psychology Department's programs which concentrate on three major areas: Behavioral & Evolutionary Neuroscience, Perception, Cognition & Development, and Social and Personality Psychology. The principal focus of graduate training is on research rather than clinical preparation.

    In addition, these collections support a wide variety of inquiry into the humanistic implications of cognition and psychoanalysis, and interdisciplinary work on the psychological aspects of history and the social sciences.

    The interdisciplinary character of psychology clienteles and research makes cooperation between several bibliographers obligatory. While Olin bears primary responsibility for experimental and social psychology, Mann Library collects in biopsychology, human development, neurophysiology, and educational psychology. In addition, Catherwood Library has extensive holdings in industrial psychology, and the Engineering Library is the University's primary repository for artificial intelligence materials.


  • The principal clientele of these collections is the Department of Psychology, which offers B.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Psychology faculty research is highly interdisciplinary, as illustrated by joint appointments between the Department and eight other departments.