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subject description and guidelines

  • The Philosophy collection encompasses works of prominent philosophers in the original language and in translation, critical monographs and secondary sources, and periodicals. The collection covers major subfields: General Philosophy; History and Systems of Philosophy; Modern Philosophy; Logic; Aesthetics; Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, and Ethics. Biographies of philosophers, as well as personal papers and memoirs are included. Because of the collection’s wide geographic and temporal scope, many selectors are involved in the acquisition of materials. Area selectors are responsible for selecting philosophy works in their specific subject areas.


  • The collection is intended to support the teaching and research needs of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences, with particular consideration for the departments of Philosophy; Classics; Comparative Literature; Science & Technology Studies; German Studies as well as several related interdisciplinary programs, specifically: Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Medieval Studies; General History; and the Society for the Humanities.