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subject description and guidelines

  • The collection encompasses: history; literature (fiction, poetry, drama, graphic novels, creative nonfiction, and other forms of belles lettres ) originating in the Netherlands, Flemish-speaking Belgium, South Africa, and former Dutch colonies; critical, theoretical, and historical writing on Dutch literature; scholarship on the history of the Dutch, Frisian, Flemish and Afrikaans languages; scholarly writing on Netherlandic folklore; biographies of Dutch historical and literary figures.


  • The collection is intended to support the general study needs of undergraduates, graduate students, academic staff, and faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences, with particular consideration for the departments of History; German Studies; Theatre, Film & Dance; and Comparative Literature, as well as several related interdisciplinary programs, specifically: Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies; the Institute for Comparative Modernities; and the Society for the Humanities.